Sunday, April 18, 2010

A post of Pups,crazy friends and performance....

Ok,first thing is, my church, Agape Gospel Assembly is currently having a musical,a kinda overdue musical titled "Bow The Knee." Honestly,it is tiring,the practices every week,and there was this full dress rehearsal where the cast had to spend the whole day in church,literally. From 8.30am till 10 something at night.There are its' ups and downs,the joy and the pain in putting this musical together but I am thinking of taking a break.I've been in musicals since 2004? and I have not watched my own church's musical as an audience.I've always participated.I think it's time for me to sit back and enjoy the show.Another hectic day tomorrow. Wheee..

Well,like the post said,crazy friends.Well,crazy friends are crazy friends.

These are the bunch of crazy friends I was talking about.Michelle is the cute lil girl in blue while the tall gigantic skinny model is Sheena,Jasmine is the exotic EURASIAN girl with long hair and Mark is well,Mark.
They stayed over at my house and the noise and fun that we had was hilarious and interesting.I showed them Seremban and I've not really asked their opinions on Seremban. I really hoped you guys enjoyed your stay in Seremban. Haha,put these guys with 6 cute puppies and they can stay there for hours and hours,just playing with the puppies.I got to see the other side of my friends,the soft hearted,the trying-really-hard-not-to-curse,the-i'm-afraid-of-dogs-but-think-they-are-cute and the one who loves hogging all of them.

Am really tired but I couldn't resist not blogging as I had tried to blog this afternoon but I was having a writer's block.Strange isn't it.I'm so tired but there are so many things I want to tell you about but when I have the time and energy,I can't seem to spit out a single word.

Please do try to ignore any spelling or grammatical mistakes as I am seriously very tired,my eyes are closing and yet there are so much I want to tell you.

So,that's all for now... Till we meet again!

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