Saturday, April 10, 2010

Money and water...

For the past week,I've been acting like a spoiled little rich kid. I basically threw money into the air.Thanks to a certain someone who reminded me about the values of saving did I then realize the power of money which I had succumbed to.

Well,Mich,Mark and I hung out for a while in KLCC and we had a blast of a time.

Well,as I went back to my apartment, and to my surprise the water has not returned! I was so angry.They had cut the water supply from afternoon and hello,I NEED MY BATH! After much contemplation, and with the help of Pip,we carried my pail,and all my old water bottles and my electric kettle down to the water machine to buy water for my bath. It was time to use up my coins thank to some afro dude who decided to give me my change all in 10 cents. Well,i did come in handy. It was so hilarious. The other funny thing was that because I was so upset I had worn my bedroom slippers out instead of my normal slippers.You know those thin hotel slippers,yeah,I wore that out,from the lift and outside.I have to say,I was pretty embarrassed!

And as Pip carried the pail of water up for me,he spilled,or should I say he splashed a large portion of water across his chest.And he was wearing a blue t-shirt and it was pretty obvious.

I had a really good laugh. Thanks to all those who made my day.

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