Thursday, April 8, 2010

Futsal and Fried chicken...

Ok,this post is long overdue. I played futsal yesterday and I had an awesome time running around and getting hit by the ball.Ooh,the feeling of having the ball kicked at you is fun!=)

Well,after futsal,I was suppose to meet Mich,Mark and Sheena in college to go to Ikea for the MEATBALLZ! But it was around 5.30pm therefore it was really jam. Sean and the rest couldn't resist the Ikea meatballs so they agreed to follow us to Ikea. After a whole hour of getting lost,guessed where we ended up back? We returned to Mentari Court after an hour of circling the stupid taman with no signboards. Imagine, we came out from Mentari just to end up arriving back in Mentari. The roads must be cursed...

Well,after what seemed like eternity,we finally arrived in Ikea.And we started attacking the meatballs. I have to say,they tasted pretty good.Jasmine, Mark,Sheena,Mich,Cruz,Sean,Ramadan and I had a good laugh and we enjoyed the company of one another.It was fun.

Ok,so let's move on to today.I had been craving for fried chicken for the past 2 weeks. You may say that I could buy fried chicken from anywhere right?Yes,but they are so tiny,small and yet so expensive that I would rather not waste my money on something like that.So today,Pip brought me to this place where the fried chicken IS BETTER than KFC and is SUPER DUPER cheap! We had 1 drumstick and the upper thigh and it only costs RM3.80! Like hello,in college a piece of scrawny chicken drumstick costs RM2.50!!! Well,after dinner of fried chicken,fook kin meen and chocolate,I was hyperactive.I was practically laughing and wanting to jump all over in the car.I really don't know what got into me but I was really happy. So I told Pip, it takes less than RM10 TO MAKE ME HAPPY!


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