Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Imma need a break...again...

Well,after much procrastination,I finnaly went for CF.And I met more new people. I don't know why but I like meeting new people and making friends.Am going for futsal today after a billion years of not going for futsal.All thanks to the new friend that I made! Sean!! Wheeee...

I really hope that I would enjoy myself today.And oh yeah,me bunch of friends and I went to Pepper Lunch yesterday and it was..Good,it was really good.

Featuring Beef from Australia and New Zealand, Norwegian Salmon, Japanese Curry and our special pastas, all seasoned with Freshly Ground Black Pepper and served on a sizzling Hot Plate.Sizzle it Your Way!
I had the beef with rice on a hot plate with an egg and some corn and some stuff but it was good,I really enjoyed it.They even had these two sauces which were really delicious and full-flavour-bursting. It was Honey Brown something something sauce and black something garlic something sauce.I had to admit,I really enjoyed my first full rice dish in college.I usually order noodles as most of the rice dishes we have in college serve too much rice and too little dishes therefore I always order noodles.All kinds of noodles,you name em,tong fun,yee mee,lou shee fun,tong fun,yee mee,lou shee fun and it is repeated again and again.
Am procrastinating my assignments yet again but I promise to be hardworking ASAP!
We all need a little boost of faith once in a while...

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