Friday, April 23, 2010

Excuse me,are you a christian...

Ok,while walking in KLCC,I was stopped by this man or you could call him a pondan/transexual, he or should I call him a she? Well,never mind,let me call that person him,well,he stopped me and said,"excuse me,are you a christian or chinese?'' And I said yes,I am a christian. He then proceeded to tell me that he is a catholic and he said that because he makes up and dressed something something,well,I couldn't hear what he was saying with the noise and everything,but then he stopped me and asked me to walk together with him and at the same time he asked me for some money for a bus ticket. I stopped and said,"Oh,I'm sorry but I am also taking the train back and have enough money for the fare." And you should have seen the look on his face,he just huffed and walked away,must be looking for his next prey.

He must think all Christians are naive and gullible.Yes,we are taught to help those who are in need, but God never asked us to make a fool of ourselves. Well,to that fella whoever you are,go and earn yourself some proper money from a proper job and stop tricking people.I wonder what he would have said if I said I was a buddhist and not a christian,would he suddenly convert just to cheat some poor bloke of their money?

Must religion be taken lightly?I've known of people who are free thinkers and call themselves atheist or agnostics. Don't get me wrong,I'm not condemning you guys but,I just wonder,how does it feel,not believing in anything?

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