Wednesday, April 28, 2010


New lakeside campus:Food is terribly expensive and does not even taste nice.I want to go back to Rouche. I'm currently trying to do my assignments but something is bothering me...Well, besides the food issue.

I am annoyed,restricted and a lil angry.Oh yeah,and HUNGRY!

I want fries,wedges,mashed potatoes,fried chicken, JUNK FOOD!


These cravings have to go.Problems is I'm currently surviving on apples again.Usually I have a heavy lunch in college but since we've moved to the new campus,food is expensive.Therefore, for breakfast I would either skip breakfast or if I have time I would have a cup of milo or coffee and some digestive biscuits. For lunch I would have a stingy,small and overpriced sandwich. Then for dinner,an apple?Or if I'm blessed,someone would take me out for dinner.


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