Monday, March 22, 2010

Worn out...

And here I thought Sunday was suppose to be the day you rest.I mean come on,even God rested on the Sabbath! My Sunday was packed like a can of sardines!

First half of my day was spent in church,from 9am till 4.15pm.After an hour of last minute packing we went for dinner and immediately went to Jusco for a movie,Alive in Wonderland.
After that,went to buy some essentials and as it was raining very heavily,we decided to hang out in Starbucks for awhile for the rain to stop. Around 10.15pm and no sign of the rain stopping,we made a dash to the car.I decided to drive as I felt that I needed to practice driving since it has been quite some time when I drove.

And guess what,it took me an hour just to reach Nilai! ONE WHOLE FREAKING HOUR! The traffic jam was crazy,bumper to bumper and 2-3 accidents by the road. Funny thing was,after Nilai,there was no traffic at all.NONE! How do you explain that?!

It took me two and a half hours just to reach PJ.It usually takes an hour and fifteen minutes max to reach PJ.Honestly speaking,I could have fallen asleep behind the wheel if it weren't for some hyperactive monkey in the car chattering,trying to keep me awake. I was soooooooo tired.If this happens every week,I'll tell you what,I'll just run away!

Today was no exeption,the morning class was bearable,while the afternoon class was a pain.A REAL PAIN!This is the first time in my whole college/university life that I really couldn't stand it.And with all the last minute changes,come on,you trying to get me killed?

Assignments all due next week.Easter is around the corner.Know what that spells? ENDLESS NIGHT OF COFFEE DRINKING...

I'm physically,mentally and emotionally tired...Can't get any worse than this.

Dear God,if you are reading this,please,I need a break.Thanks,and maybe You could send someone to help me with my assignments?I need a little help from You.Thank YOU...

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