Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In a MESS!

Argh,this is what happens when you do last minute packing.I forgot to bring my thumbdrive! All my notes! All my homework! My life is practically in there! Noooooooooo...Ok,I was just exaggerating.But yeah,it was actually a pain in the butt.All my notes are inside there,my articles for my PR subject are in there.Thank God I had decided to get the internet access from the library.The computers in the library are so slow! As slow as a tortoise?I just googled which is the slowest animal on earth and the sloth IS considered the slowest animal.

I detest the new way of submitting our assignemnts.I practically loathe assighIT.Why can't we just hand in a hard copy of our assignments.What a bother...

Now,the only assignments left are PR's media diary,the 10 articles and CCS's weekly tasks.ARGH!
CCS peer-reviewed article needs to be summarized!!!!!!!!! SOMEBODEH KILL ME!

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