Saturday, March 20, 2010

Eve was FRAMED!

These are the dancers of Agape Gospel Assembly,ages range from 7 to 25? Haha...

I had an extremely busy day.Hectic to the max! I was flooded,extremely flooded.
I woke up at 8am,dad wanted to bring us to Min Kok for breakfast but when we reached Min Kok there was a queue as long as the gigantic snake from Anaconda the movie.

We soon improvised and went to a nearby coffee shop and had some delicious mutton/char siew/pork noodles.Well,I had hakka mee,was craving for it for no apparent reason.After breakfast,it was already 10.35am,so my dad just drop me off church for dance practice. Waited for the others and had a shouting match with the kids until 3.30pm. You know kids,they are cute but they also have a mind of their own.I had quite a tough time controlling them especially the ones who thought they were far too important to obey me. After a gruelling 4 hour stunt with them,my dad came and pick me up.

My journey did not end here,he ended up driving me around with him to do some errands.On the way home,he asked me whether I wanted to visit Carrefour as I have never been inside the newly built Carrefour near my place.I finally reached home at 6.30pm. Then I had to immediately force feed one of the pups as he was having some difficulties feeding.Poor thing has an abnormally large tongue which i-do-not-know-why-for-some-scientific-fact that he could not suckle/feed on his mom.And now,it is 7.30pm.I need to continue with my Effective Comm. notes! Argh!

Want to know my agenda for tomorrow?
Hmm,let's see.
8AM-Wake up for church
9.30AM-in church till 11.15am
11.30am-stay for dance practice
1pm till 4.30pm-combine practice with choir and drama team
4.30pm till 6.30pm-Some big shot coming over to my house about the complaint(the road in my area has been closed and there were some major complaints.Some big shot is coming)
7PM-Leave to Jusco for a movie with family(Alice in Wonder Wonderland...)
9.30pm-have late dinner with family and finally...
10.15pm-leave for KL...

Add or minus a few hours...

Well,that sums up my weekend.Now,all I have to do is find some time to insert HOMEWORK into my schedule.

Is my life busy or hectic?Nah,just a typical weekend of mine. =)

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