Friday, October 14, 2011

Photo explosion. To make up for the long absence.

Ok, remember the post about my sis's birthday, well this is part of the continuation. The later pictures are some of my baking mania. So, please do sit back, relax and oh, do remember to tie a napkin around your neck, pictures may cause excessive salivation. XD

After Chrissie's birthday dinner in Brotzeit, we walked around Mid Valley in search of the perfect dessert. After the heavy meat fest, something sweet to cleanse our palate was the perfect ending for the happy celebration. We had wanted to try Chili's famous Molten Chocolate cake but fate seem to toy with us. Or with me to be exact, because up until now, I have not tried it.

So we decided to try something different, we went to JENG JENG JENG...


We ordered renowned Tiramisu and Banofee pie. Correct me if I'm mistaken but I think Banofee is actually banana, and toffee. =)

Banofee pie!

The famous tiramisu with straberry sauce.
(The birthday gal thought it was chili sauce.)

Little cubes of sugar which I find so absolutely fascinating. =0
In a way, it made me feel very sophisticated, like in those Audrey Hepburn movies, you know, a cup of tea with 2 cubes of sugar please.

I could not resist, I had to eat one.

Not the whole thing though, just chewed at the sides. =)

3 jungle girls, easily fascinated.

My bored youngest sister and I.

Just because I look thin here. Teehee.


And now presenting, Baking Mania!!!



I really outdid myself that day. I baked 2 chocolate cakes and made apple crumble.
One of the cake was for Pip's birthday. =)

Mum asked me to do something with her many-months-old apples lying at the bottom of the refrigerator.

What better option than to make apple crumble? Simple and delicious.

Almond center chocolate coated chocolate cake. (Just to make it sound fancy.)

Nice looking glaze ain't it? =D


Might make pear crumble next as there are lots of pears in the fridge now.

Check it out yo!

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