Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Time management problems.

As usual, the apology for not keeping my promise in trying to update this forsaken blog as often as I would've loved to.

I have been quite busy, juggling my time as a driver, working in a tea shop and going to the gym with my "other half" (read Jasmine Joesph). =)

But so far, this gym thing has been working, as in we have been diligently going and motivating each other though the results are yet to be seen.

Got my results back. I did ok, could have done better if I had been MORE hardworking but there is a slight improvement.

Life has its' ups and downs.

Had small chat with some one about something. Had me worrying about the future. Easy to say that we should leave our worries about tomorrow for tomorrow but it is easier said than done.
One of the things I was afraid of was how society would look upon me, how I would be judge from the view point of many, from friends, family and loved ones. Have to decide whether I am ready for the future.

On a much brighter note, am trying to learn a popping/locking dance which I am struggling with the lack of formal training. Counting on youtube to be my teacher for the next few weeks!

Ok, that's all the creative juice I could squeeze outta me. Mind is blank at the moment but will try to update more, and soon.

Night people. Remember, the early bird gets the worm, or as I would love to say, the early human gets the best bacon. Mmmmmmmm. =)

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