Monday, February 7, 2011

Ang Pau aka Little Red Packets.

Well, this year there seemed to be an increase in red packets thanks to the house visiting which I have never done before in my whole 20 years. Usually we celebrate CNY with a gathering of relatives and receive ang paus from aunts and uncles. This year, I had celebrated it with a little extra oomph by going to friends houses and receiving extra ang paus.

As usual, there definitely will be an increase in weight as well (not including Chrissie), from all the eating and drinking.

Watched The Green Hornet the other day with the KL Cell people. Company was good, movie sucked. The entire movie was so predictable until the last bit. Not really hillarious as I would've expected but I have to say there is an improvement in Jay Chou's acting chops. Unlike his other movies with his sullen demeanor and stone face, this time it looked like he put in some effort to move that thick face of his. (No offence to Jay's fans).

Watched the Social Network and I have to give it two thumbs up. Brilliantly excecuted and stunning performance by Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield. These two, well Andrew played his character with emotion a plenty while Jesse was perfect as the role of Mark Zuck-a-something aka founder of The Facebook or now known as Facebook. I really salute the producers and script writer as to how they managed to turn something as a law suit and the story of a computer geek into such an anticipating and thrilling movie is enough to blow my mind.

I need to change. My lifestyle. Gah.

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