Friday, November 26, 2010

About Beef Wellington and Hell's Kitchen...


I have been watching Hell's Kitchen and it really has really perked my interest in working under duress. It was fun watching Gordan Ramsay shouting his arse off. His favorite phrase is, "Move your bloody arse" in his oh-so-delicious British accent. He has a kind side to him if you do not annoy him. What surprised me the most was, majority of the contestants weren't academically trained in culinary. They just had sheer determination and ambition.That was what really got me interested. I had to watch Hell's Kitchen on Youtube as my television at home is spoiled. So far, Gordan Ramsay's menu which I have noticed consist mainly of beef wellington and pea risotto although I have no idea what risotto taste like.


Basically beef wellington is just a big slab of beef rolled into puff pastry, sounds easy isn't it,wait until you watch how some of the contestants struggle to cook it to the chef's standards. I mean, if I were in Gordon Ramsay's place, I might have felt the same,minus the swearing. =)

I am really interested in making this dish although the cost of the beef would be expensive. Oh yeah, it suppose to have some pate or liver thingy to wrap it but there was this recipe that used minced chicken meat. Mmmmm, delicious! This website teaches you how to make beef wellington!

Oh yeah, update on the book reading. The Peter Pan in Scarlet left me.......... clueless.

I have no idea what the book was rambling about. It was confusing, the book was leading me nowhere, the plot in circles. Sorry dear author of Peter Pan in Scarlet, but I have no idea what the whole book was. No offense but, it was a waste of time.

Anyone wants to sponsor me to Hell's Kitchen? Hey, I might win the challenge and become the head chef in one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurant. Just saying. =)

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