Friday, October 22, 2010

Never gonna be alone...

Cravings for maggi mee and Ramlee burger has been satisfied. Had four packets of maggi mee in 2 days. =p I know, I'm binging on maggi mee but this is once in a while so, it's ok. =)

I need to buck up on my assignments. Especially IPD, my lecturer has been very good to us already, will try not to take advantage of her kindness.

Oh, yeah, I've been meaning to share this for quite some time already, just that I seem to have lost interest with the internet for a while.

This question came out during one of the cell lesson which I found most interesting as from this question, we can see how one reacts and you are able to see how they perceive of things.The question is,"Is it ever right to do wrong to do right?"

This means, is it a right decision to do something wrong to save a person or you know, something like that. It got me thinking real deep, and maybe, just maybe, there is something that I need to reevaluate about my life.

I've been treating God like a 20th century God, a God who is at my beck and call, He has become someone I only need in times of trouble, He has become some one so distant so far away. Back in those days, God could and would smite you for just disobeying Him and now, we are practically living a life of sin without thinking of any consequences.

I use to be brave, to be able to stand up for my beliefs, I had a passion for learning and growing as a person, but now, all I'm interested is to just satisfy my own cravings and selfish needs. I need to lay down those bitterness. Basically, I need to let go. =)

This time, I wonder what it will feel like...

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