Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Outburst...WARNING:This is not me,it's my alter ego.

Thanks for making my life shittier with your nonsense shit...

Honestly speaking,all the foul and four letter words are running through my head right now.Am not in the mood to be disturbed.Any little thing,even it's just a simple how are you can make me lash out in anger...Wow, anger management class much?

It has been raining since 2.45pm and it IS still raining heavily at 4.15pm and it doesn't look like it'll stop anytime soon.

Am in the study room blogging, ahhahah, the irony.

The cold has crept up to my nose and fingers. The tip of my nose is really cold right now and am wishing that my dogs are here to lick my nose.I might get a bloody frostbite and no one will care... The world hates me...

Came to college at 8am even though there was no class. Went to the student life center and poured my soul into the keyboard there.Hmmm,it looks like the keyboard will be having me as it's companion soon.

If a guy treats a girl very nice does it mean he likes her or is it just because he is just being nice?

If you answered yes,he likes her that's why he's being nice so do you mean that every guy out there who is nice to girls have ulterior motives?
And if your answer is that he is just being nice,but how can you be sure that he does not have feelings for that girl?

Why can't everyone just say what they feel?*Hinting to self*

SHIT!Why won't the rain stop!

I want to be a billionaire so freaking bad...

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