Saturday, June 5, 2010

A fun night out...

This is an overdue post.Went to Laila's cafe in Kelana Jaya to support Jasmine who was performing her first gig. And I've never met a more talented,nice,noisy,irritating-in-a-way girl. But am really happy to be her friend,I'm honored actually.

Am not in the mood to blog a long post but what I can say about the cafe is,it's small and expensive.Food wasn't much to shout about,portions are small and really expensive. But the group of friends that were there made it up.So let me allow the pictures to do the talking...

In the middle of the road while waiting for Sheena's car to start.

Me and the super star,Jasmine!!!

Another talented young man,Kent who performed with Jasmine.

Sheena and I,she bullies me...

Nope,she's not drunk,she's a natural at looking like this...Teehee..=)

Jasmine took this while I was on the phone...

Jasmine,Michelle and I...(Sheena was busy running around and tripping on her own two feet.)

Kent and I were trying to push Sheena's car but it looks like I'm doing all the work aren't I?

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