Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Life of balance,money and friends...

Funny isn't it, when life does not go according to plan and you are left in a whole big puddle of mess?

It is even funnier to think that our lives are going according to plan and yet some are not satisfied with it. Overall, humans are never satisfied with what they have, we crave for more and it is never-ending. The flow of need is and will always be there.

We all want what's best for ourselves right? Is it wrong to judge people? Choosing someone is a form of judgment,do you get what I mean? If we do not judge,then we would all be marrying the first person we lay our eyes on. Hey,no judgment right?Then why choose and pick and be all so-he's/she's-not-right-for-me crap.

We all judge,no matter what we say otherwise. Typically,we are a whole lot of liars. =)

You is liar,me too!

Throw me off balance. I am losing my foothold here!

Yeah, we all will fall down one day.No matter how hard we try to stay upright,we are doomed and bound to fall for eternity.(nah,just joking,haha,we get to stand up again,just wanted to know what it feels like to be a prophet of doom...)

Ok,end of balance topic,let's continue to the friends topic! (A change from all the thinking and doom and nonsense from the post above.)

My Fwens...

Mich's pre-birthday celebration.Hey, she's even grander than the Sultan,she gets to celebrate her birthday 5 times while he only gets to celebrate once.Yeah,it sucks to be the Sultan.. =)

Went to Tarbush(though for no particular reason,I keep calling it TarBRush) and the food was good. Mediterranean setting with the whole Arabian feeling to it. Was kinda expecting the waiters to come in flying carpets and the chef a genie. Reasonable,delicious and with portions enough to feed the entire calvary,what more can you ask for?

Thanks to PR and the late nights,I now have a huge(well,not that huge) zit on mah face! MAH FACE MAN! Hehe,not really bothered though. But I remember when I was still a innocent,puny,naive,peer-pressured teen,I would be so ashamed of it and will try to hide and when people end up noticing it,my self esteem gets really low, and a little depressed. Just a little mind you,I do not get in to the whole suicidal mode of wrist-cutting-building-jumping-pill-swallowing-knife-stabbing-rope-hanging-tree-chopping...???

Am not happy with my feet.Me no happy feet. First it was my hands,now feet?Skin peeling can be kind of addictive, if not gross... Bleugh...

Am gonna work with my cousin again who's a vet(for the benefit of those who don't know what a vet is, vet=animal doctor)

You know what,I want to be famous in my own way so that I can get invited to parties and stuff!!!

Ok,that was not me.Remember my alter ego I was telling you about, she suddenly resurfaced! Argh,need doctor now!!! *suffocates*

Well,after much thinking and disturbing and annoying people,I have finally come to the conclusion that I would keep my hair long again.And if I don't like it,I can always chop it off and ta da, short hair again! Brilliant aren't I?Genius! Bravo! *clap clap*

Ok,you know what,I think I better stop if not this will become an extremely weird-long-self-indulging post...

If you like me,please give me a holler...(argh,alter ego,alter ego! argh~~~~)

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