Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm being forced to blog!!

Living the past week has been hell...Thanks to someone who made my life much better.It has been quite some time since I blogged and wow,I really do not know what to blogged about anymore. I've seen the many faces and sides of people,while trying to not to be bias or judgmental.

More assignments coming up soon.Miss my babies.

It was fun though,hanging out with friends and your loved ones.Makes me feel wanted and special.
Really special.=)

Am currently in Coffee Bean with big baby and a cup of Double Chocolate with whip cream in hand. Halfway through my PTPTN loan thanks to big baby! I owe you one! A BIGGGGGGGGGG ONE!

Might be going to watch How to train your dragon again.

Question of the day: Would you be my dragon?

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