Friday, April 2, 2010

Fruitful day...

In the beginning, God made the heavens and the earth...

Well,Pip and I settled my PTPTN procedures.We went to the bank,first, Bank Sinpanan Nasional and then to CIMB bank.After that had brunch in Little Dim Sum Palace. Expensive and wasn't that delicious.I've tasted better dim sums. Went to 1Utama after that. Walked around,did some window shopping. Thank God Pip was the kind of guy that didn't mind going out shopping with a girl unlike most guys.(I know,I know,I'm stereotyping you guys but it is true)

I saw this white shirt that looked like a jacket with a hoodie which I was interested in buying from Elle. But once I took a look at the price tag,my eyes popped out.RM80 for that shirt! And the material was really thin,as in see through thin.It needed to be worn with a tank top in it.I mean come on,RM80? And it was on a 50% discount! Original price was RM156!!!! I could have fainted at the spot if it weren't for Pip supporting me...He wanted to buy it for me but after much consideration,I still thought it wasn't worth the money.

After countless times of going in a shop and coming out empty-handed, we decided that our last stop would be FOS. And guess what?I found this really nice dress for only RM50! Now,that's what you call a bargain! Pip bought a belt only though I wanted him to buy a t-shirt as he has very,well,not very few but his closet is the size of half my closet and let me tell you,my closet ain't big.

We had our lunch in New York Deli's which I highly recommend you to go.It's just right opposite Cold Storage.The food was really good.The price is really reasonable.RM50 for two people. We ordered a meal platter for two and when it came we really wondered whether we could finish it or not.It had 2 pieces of quarter chicken and it was a really big quarter chicken,2 pieces of lamb,a deliciously large portion of wedges(it was really really good quality wedges!),some fried chicken slices,corn and side dishes of baked beans and coleslaw.They even provided some BBQ and chicken gravy.Yummy!!! I would love to go back there again.*hint hint at ehem ehem*

We already bought tickets to How to train your dragon and we were afraid we couldn't make it as we had our lunch around 3.15 and the movie starts at 3.40pm.So we asked the waiter to pack our food,we ran to the cinema and we ate the wedges in the cinema. It was fun!After the movie and the emotional girl who sat beside me and cried over the movie,we found a bench in the middle of 1 Utama and ate the rest of our chicken,yes,the leftover chicken from lunch.That was our dinner.Totally worth it.

Walked around a bit and had dessert in this little nicely decorated stall called Honeymoon.They serve really tasty and nice dessert but it was a little pricey.After that,after that...we went home.

That is the end of my fruitful day,as I call it.And now,I have to concentrate on memorizing my monologue.

PS:I kept on complaining that Pip has never bought me flowers before and guessed what he said,"So if I buy you flowers,does it mean I won't have to buy you anything else ever again?"

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