Friday, March 19, 2010


I've finally finished my summary and am going to start reading my notes for Effective Comminucation.

Cleaned my whole room again. When you are alone,many things crept in your mind and thus make you think of nonsense. As they say,an idle mind is a devil's workshop. I chose to entertain those thoughts,it almost made me regret the decisions and promises that I have made. This is just a thought,"Am I wasting my youth away?".

Was it a mistake?

Thanks to SANDRA(since you said Liew Pei Yee sounds weird),you made me realize that it still boils down to commitment! I have to say,it's not easy but nothing comes easy in life right?

Believe it or not,I'm actually using someone's internet line without permission.Tehehe,I saw this unsecured network and immediately connected to it.And to my surprise,it got through!

History was meant to be repeated,only we get to choose the good part of history or the one we hope will never repeat itself...

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