Friday, March 19, 2010

Java Chip...mmmmmmm!

Sitting alone in Starbucks is a totally new experience for me.With a cup of Java chip,cold and nicely blended to perfection.Waiting for time to pass,as I sip my coffee,I take a long sip and suddenly.... ARGH....brain freeze. Hahaha,caught you by surprise didn't I?

As usual,the ktm was quite packed,the LRT to my surprise was even packer?(is there such a word?) Crowded.That's the word I was looking for.After drinking this cup of expensive and somewhat overrated cofffee,I need something salty.It's a little chilly now.Fingers are,well,numb from the cold. Another hour to go.

Looks like many of my friends are determined to be hardworking.I was chatting online with a friend a little while ago and she too had to face the hardships of life.The disappointed look of our parents when we do not get the grades we are suppose to get.I had that too.It wasn't a very nice experience,the look of our parents,it's because we know that we could have done better,we could have passed with flying colours.If only we had been determined and perservered.I have to admit,I need to work on my perserverence level.I give up too easily sometimes.

Can't wait to go home and see me puppies!!! muah!!!

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