Friday, March 12, 2010

The Start of a New life.

Some of you must be wondering,why bother creating a blog when I use to have one? Well,frankly speaking,for me,blogging is a form of writing,a form of expressing myself creatively. Honestly speaking,I did not do any style of writing when I deleted my blog and I found that my skills in writing has decreased,dwindled,diminished and slowly fading away~~~

So,I hope many of you will welcome me with open arms as I pour my heart and soul into this blog.(nah,just kidding) I will reminisce/brag/complain about my life but to the minimal as I have seen the effects of exposing too much of oneself through the internet.

Firstly,I currently have one week old puppies,six of them to be exact,crawling and clambering all over the floor. THEY ARE FOR SALE. I will soon post pictures of them when they have opened their eyes.

Ok,that's all for today.Whew,I can feel the strain in my brain after the long periond of non-creative thinking and writing.


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  1. Hahahaha, first post and you're doing promotion for business already xD