Saturday, March 13, 2010

Faded Memories:The Movie

I was casually surfing the internet when I saw that there was a movie with the same name as my blog.Faded Memories by Anne-Sophie Dutoit. She was only 14 when she first drafted on this,and she managed to convinced people to finance her and soon started filming at the age of 16.

I'm feeling a little slothful so therefore am just going to copy and paste the synopsis from the main website. I will also insert the link for those who want to check out the trailer.

Movie Synopsis

Seventeen-year-old Cassandra (Anne-Sophie Dutoit) has a rare phobia: she is afraid of physical contact with other people -- a condition that has haunted her all her life.

Cassandra and her aunt Maggie May (Ely Pouget) drift from town to town in a beat-up trailer, while Maggie May looks for the next man in her life and her next bottle of booze. When they arrive in Malibu, California she meets Lucas (Brock Vincent Kelly) a handsome teen and for the first time begins to feel for someone. Lucas is fascinated by the beautiful and different Cassandra and slowly they fall in love.

But Nancy (Kim Morgan Greene), Lucas’ mother, has other plans. Her husband (Robert Sampson) is dying and the family will go bankrupt if she can’t marry Lucas off to Pam (Marika Devan), whose parents are wealthy.

Nancy sees how much Lucas is attracted to Cassandra and will do anything to break up the budding relationship. She asks former detective Peter (Nick James) to find out what he can about the two intruders. What he uncovers sets off a dramatic chain of events that change the two teenagers’ lives forever as Cassandra is sent to a mental health facility.

While incarcerated, Cassandra writes dozens of letters to Lucas. But she never sends the letters and she hears nothing from him. It is only when she is released seven years later that the deep mystery of her life unravels.

I have to say,I am very keen on watchng this movie.It is not everyday one gets to be an actor and a director at the age of 16. Wow...

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