Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tough Love.

As his words stabbed at her heart, she thought she could count on him, show him her true feelings yet she was wrong. "Tough, I've always considered myself to be tough." The definition of tough to her does not mean the same thing anymore. She knew she was strong but emotionally?

People say that crying and showing that you've had enough are not signs of weakness but she begs to differ.

"I thought I could open up but look where it led me."

Naive. Another word that she used to take lightly now churns up anger in her. She once thought and believed the good in everyone but no more, she said to herself.

"No more shall I see the good in people as I am so tired of being taken advantage of."

"I give up...

I am so tired of being the nice guy, so tired of giving and giving until I feel that there's nothing left of me."

What little faith she has of humanity is crumbling. She is slowly losing faith in everything. Gone were the days when trust, dignity and respect were still the pillars of humanity. It has now been replaced with selfishness,pride and self glorification.

She has tried so hard to stand on her own principles but she is losing grasp on what she believes in. She feels she is fighting a losing battle all by herself. Darkness creeps up, slowly but surely devouring every inch of her light.

If you can't bet em, join em.

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