Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cheesecake and couple pics.

Made cheesecake without an electric beater. =(
 Made cheesecake using the recipe from SORTED, Pris and Chris liked it but Mum and Dad felt that it was a little hollow. Wasn't my best cheesecake. The best cheesecake that I've ever made cost me almost RM60++. The recipe called for sour cream, this cream that cream. It was expensive but it tasted heavenly according to those who ate it. This cake totaled to a mere RM20++.

Had to make everything using hand. Didn't have my trusty electronic beater with me. =( It was tiring.

Looks good but not my best cheesecake. =(

Some couple pictures  just in case. I just realized that we seldom take pictures together. Not much of a camwhore  couple we are.

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