Saturday, August 6, 2011

The M word. Macaroons and Meringues.

I badly want to try baking these two lovely delicacies. Macaroons and meringues. But sadly, the weather was cloudy and had rained earlier therefore, I have to put off making the meringues as such humid and rainy weather will cause the air in the egg whites to not form properly or something. =(

Macaroons on the other hand, called for almond powder which I think Econsave would not provide. Another thing that stopped me from baking is my oven. I still do not own a proper oven since my old one has a leak in on of the tubes. Haiya. Besides, my sisters did not seem too enthusiastic by the idea as one had a eaten a not-so-tasty macaroon before while the other was actually put off by the price of a macaroon which is around RM3.90 a piece. Very pricey but I had the privilege of eating one when they were first introduced and were not as pricey as they are right now.

Finally, I wanted to bake chocolate cookie but as I went to the fridge to take out a whole slab of butter, ta-da, empty, my house is empty of ingredients. Sheesh. Am lazy to drive to Econsave for the ingredients. So baking will be postponed to some other day. I really hope the oven will get fixed soon. *jab jab*

That's all for now. =( No baking, me mood no good. Haiz.

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    Macaroon is it? Hahaha. LOOKS LIKE COLOURFUL ICE CREAM :O :O :O *DROOLS*