Monday, September 13, 2010

Poser-ish moments..

In my dear old deceased grandma's kebaya.

Sorry for the odd stances,was in heels for half the day, feet hurt...=(

I kinda look like a nyonya here.

=) That's all... Sometimes, I feel at peace when serving in the worship team. It's like... peaceful...

I am going to make my own puff pastry the next round! The ingredients are simple, the process is the one that could make someone pull out their own hair.

I just heard from my mum and aunts, that I'm not pure chinese(hah,the scandal!)
Hahah, according to mum, my great grandma was Javanese...

Just realized, how lucky I am to be born in this era, the stories I heard about my grandma,about the Japanese and the torture and pain. It could break your heart... Too bad, both my grandparents from both sides of my family are departed.

Reminiscing about the past...

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