Friday, September 24, 2010

Piling up! UP UP AND AWAY!!!

I've just finished my IDM blog.Now that's a relief. Now I just have only 90873928374982 else things to do.

I really want to make my own puff pastry.
I really want to do some baking.
I really want to finish all my assignments at once...
I really want to eat McD's cheese fries.
I really want ....

Yeah,enough of I wants...

Did some cooking in apartment,landlady finally appeared and bought a new gas tank. Thanks to mummy,I make a pretty good herbal porridge using red dates(hong zou and kei chi). Ahahaha...

Feeling pretty relaxed,for now. I believe I deserve a break after this IDM thingy... Need to start on Media Lit and IPD. AND GS! ARGH!

I know I may sound like I'm repeating this but...I think I am losing my guts again. I need to stand up for myself and stop letting other people push me around. *push push*

As much as I hate to admit it, I can be a sucker for attention too. Didn't get what I said? Well, it can mean that, I would do anything(this is just a general discussion,and by anything I didn't mean anything, I was just giving an example) to get attention? Get friends? Get attention.Wait I just said attention. =)

Let me get this straight first,you out there,yes you! Do not judge me! Ok? Yes, I may have my weak points but who are you to tell me who I'm not and what I should do?I am who I am,whether you like it or not. What happens to me now,will make me into a person some day.
I am person,a person with feelings!(stole that line from She's the Man.) =p

ok.Enough of blogging. Blogging for two subjects kinda make me sick of blogging. Well,it's not that bad but,you know...

C ya later aligator!

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