Friday, August 6, 2010

Major Makeover...

Give me a break...Everyone deserves it,yeah,I might not have been what I would call "good" but hey at least I'm trying.

As I grow older(though I don't feel it at all) I've come to the realization that there are responsibilities that I have to carry. Yes,I do envy those who still depend on their parents and their parents don't mind it at all.

Every decision made has its consequences. I ain't a little girl anymore and yet there are times when I just feel like leaving things as it is,without worrying about the costs.

Being an adult is so different from a teenager or a kid.

It is a phase everyone has to go through and yet I am afraid to take the step there.

I've been hiding behind a mask. I am afraid of rejection,I am afraid of being lost,I am afraid of being nothing.

Time has come for me to face my demons,my fears,my faults...

Hopefully,there will be a change in me,because I can't fight it anymore.

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