Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just Plain Old Tired...

Either age is catching up on me or I'm just getting really tired these few days. Yesterday night I slept at 12am and I couldn't wake up for my class today which was at 8am. I literally just woke up when my alarm rang and stared at the ceiling for next 10 seconds before falling back to sleep.

Today went pass like a blur. Seem to be happening a lot to me. Ju Ann brought us to the Subang pasar malam at around 5pm-ish. A bit too early for a pasar malam right? =P Well, we are weird like that!

Well,in short,I love pasar malams. This is one of the reasons I love my country.Walking though the crowds(even though there wasn't much of a crowd just now as we were super early there and the crowd haven't arrive) seeing the different races where people,for once do not judge and are so welcoming. Not to mention the array and lots of food available there.

Let me talk more about the pasar malam in general. I've been to the Cheras's pasar which is also known as Taman Connought, which is the longest pasar malam in Malaysia if I'm not mistaken. It was so much fun! They even sold stinky tau fu there! Just by going to a pasar malam is enough to make my day.

After half and hour of walking,we got back into the car,and we all went home. I was tired. Reached home,took a look at my super-duper messy room,I just sat on the floor for 10 mins,just staring at the walls and ceiling before switching on my laptop for some happy music. I decided to rest my stomach from the food i bought from the pasar malam which was spicy chicken and fried carrot cake. I was so full. So as I sat there for my stomach to cool, I was thinking of cleaning up room,like the OCD kind of behavior.When I clean my room,I literally clean,as in, I throw everything out of my room,sweep,and hand-mop.I even carry,single handedly the heavier than me single mattress which is outrageously heavy out of the room. Well,OCD much? And there seem to be ants around my room now.Don't know why..hmmmm...

To cut the long story SHORT,I fell asleep.I was just so tired,I knew I had to clean my room but My body,like this morning refused to listen to me and so I just threw myself on the bed and slept for almost an hour,believe me,I could have continued sleeping until the next morning but I have to get up! I mean I haven't bath and clean my room yet! Procrastinate much???

Been procrastinating on assignments too.Sem 2 is hell.And I mean it.

Been spending my nights,alone,feeling lonely... Well,time for some adaption of new life.

Need to buck up on assignment!

Ok,that's all for now...

Hmmm,and was wondering if people do read my blog or am just blogging for myself to reflect and look back at the things I've done in the past?

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  1. people didn't comment doesn't mean they are not reading it. =D, pippo here.