Friday, June 18, 2010

Life is short on this earth...

It didn't really hit me that life is this fragile.It never dawned on me that at such an age,at any age, death is capable of snatching it away without a reason,without an inkling of thought. Honestly speaking,I was shocked. It didn't seem to be real.I couldn't not fanthom how such one who was so full of spirit and joy could be gone...It didn't seem true.

Though we weren't that close,the impact is still there,the respect I had for him was enormous,from the way he handled things and to the strength and kindness he had shown to others.Joash Wee,you are and always will be a source of inspiration to others.

I had thought of mourning over him but a friend told me, why cry over him when he is already in heaven with the Lord,he should be crying for us,to those who are still here on earth.

Never take anyone for granted. Treat each day as if today was your last day,every person you see might be the last time you meet. If everyone would do that, the world would be a better place.

Joash,I'll say a prayer for your family and God Bless...

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