Monday, May 3, 2010

Bruises and the satisfaction...

I know I should be finishing my assignments but please bear with me and let me ramble on my day.

I was kinda passing through the whole day in a blurry mood. I was contemplating this morning whether to bring a change of clothes for futsal later but as my bag was already heavy with my laptop and an enormous stack of papers,I decided not to.My class ended at 3,so I decided to go home and change and then take the shuttle bus back to Taylors. I reached home around 4.30 and I decided to do my laundry and by the time I finished,it was already 5.45pm.I checked the schedule and there were no shuttle buses back to Taylors...T.T

Therefore,I ended up taking the taxi which costs me RM10!!!!My heart was aching when I handed him the note...My MONEH!!!Therefore,I've decided to stay in college with my change of clothes and then go for futsal.Or I can go home but I'll leave early and take the shuttle bus.Coz the place is not safe.Sim,who was kind enough to send me back to Mentari,lost her phone.

Well,hopefully whoever stole her phone will get their deserving punishment!

Futsal gave me the exercise I needed.The training was strenuous. I loved every moment of it! Wah,the exercise!!!

That's all for now.Will try to finish my CCS today!!!

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