Thursday, March 18, 2010

You cramping my style???

Oooh,so help me!

Summary writing,and here I thought we needed to be creative? So what's up with the follow-the-example-I-gave-you? You is cramping me style!Believe it or not,I wrote my summary for 6 hours! Well,in between that 6 hours I was listening to music,looking for ants to kill,cooked a packet of maggi mee,fell asleep for half an hour,read a few pages of magazine,washed my clothes,ate an apple,doodled on my paper and finally after 6 long and painful hours I finished my summary.And I had to squeeze every amount of creativity from my brain to try to write this summary and in 5 minutes,you told me to follow the freaking example you gave us????Like what?????!!!!!!

Ok,so far,I have been trying to boost myself to study harder and not procrastinate and thanks to Amber,who has been a great motivation to me.Living alone has been very quiet compared to living with all 3 sisters,8 dogs and parents.Noticed any difference?I do.

Degree has been a real challenge.All the readings and researching and summarizing,this cannot be compared to foundation.SAY NO TO PROCRASTINATION!

How do you make friends with your housemates whom you only get to see at night when they return home from work and immediately shut themselves in their own rooms?I once accidently bumped into one of them and gave her a shy smile and you know what I got in return?A stare which says "what the crap are you looking at and who the heck are you?" Well,maybe it was just me but that was what I felt at that very moment.You can't say I didn't try.

My room looks like a mess.I did clean my room but it still looks like a mess.I think it's because there are too many stuff lying around even though I tried arranging them and placing them in order but it still looks like a hurricane just swept past my room.It's not my fault.Really!I tried.

Currently,THE only thing that can uplift my appetite is Aunty Anne's. The past two days I was force feeding myself.Bluek... I found out that,I can't concentrate in class if I'm sitting at the back of class while I turn into a hardworking and determined student when I am in the front seat.Looks like there is some truth in the research done by some people.Moral of the story,SIT RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE LECTURER.

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